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-What to chose: not to be seen because you don’t have a name, or because you do have a name?
(Myriam vandenberghe)

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   Nature paintings

 Myriam Vandenberghe:






















Nature paintings by van Chapman



















                Myriam 3 years old                                         and portrait stone engraving of Myriam by van Chapman



Myriam Vandenberghe

Art exhibitions 1980-2007 Curriculum

 Name :

Born : 22 mei 1954, Kortrijk, Belgium
Studies: Grafische Kunsten,
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten,
in Gent, Belgium, where she dreamed away in the classroom.

A few words about Myriam and her work:

Myriam’s works have a silent eloquence that could benefit  her time and generations to come.

If the people of this Earth could see the beauty of nature as through her eyes,

they would stop destroying it. And if they could see themselves as through her moments of 

quiet contemplation, there would not be so much falseness in this world....

...Immortal Gardener,

you who respect even the tiniest of seeds, teach us the patience to let the all grow from the nothing:

God is the seed of all, you teach me, and the seed of all is the tiniest of seeds.

That is why, you told me, one does not see God.”


  (Van Chapman)


“De schilderijen zijn werkeleijk bijzonder.

Boeiend door de diepgang-door de rustige, mysterieuze, sprookjesachtige uitstraling–

 door de verfijning-door de liefdevolle uitwerking van de taferelen tot in het kleinste detail”.

( critic by Resi Diender, Nederland)


Galerij Vandevelde, Gent, Belgium

·          Oude Kerk Vichte, Belgium

·          NTG, Gent, Belgium

·          Gallery Studio, Gent, Belgium

·          Oranjezon Vrouwenpolder, Nederland

·          Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway

·          Tetra Galleri, Hamar, Norway

·          Gravensteenhotel, Gent, Belgium

·          Norland Tour, Norway : Kobbelv, Straumen, Fauske

·           Radhus, Bodo-Norlandmuseet,

·          Lofoten-Vagan, Sortland, Lofoten-Stamsund

·          Academie Internationale Burckhardt, Rome, Italy

·          Centre Culturel des Roches, Rochefort, Belgium

·          Art Gallery, City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

·          Natuurhistorisch Museum Boekenbergpark, Antwerpen, Belgium

·          Elverum Museum (Skogbruksmuseet), Elverum, Norway

·          Gallerij “d’ Hoogpoorte”, Gent, Belgium

·          Maison d’accueil de Berdorf, Luxembourg

·          Casino Middelkerke, Belgium

·          Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe,  Strasbourg,  France

·          Kiwiet Domein, Hasselt, Belgium

·          Gent’s Ecologisch Centrum, Gent, Belgium

·          Vivart, Vlassenbroeck, Belgium (group exhibition)

·          Kasteel Gemeente Neerijnen,  Nederland

·   Musée  Moulin D’Aremberg Rebeccq,Belgium  

·   Gaallery Man and Nature, Latem, Belgium




van Chapman


Art exhibitions 1981-2007 Curriculum


Name : Geraldine Hermes da Fonseca Chapman

Artist name : Van Chapman

Born : 29 July 1948 New York

Studies: in Nature. Autodidact


“Ritorno all Eden”

Extract of a text from an italian art critic, at Burkhardt Academy, Rome:


 “L’antico anzi il comune, quello che ad ogni passo si incontra e che non si osserva,

passando oltre con estrema noncuranza, ella lo propone evincendone spirituali sembianze

di afflati intimi, scoperte e indicazioni soffusi di altissima poesia.”

“Geraldine affonda le sue radici nel suo microcosmo e ne trae quella visione intima

ed incantata che trasmette come una corrente che percorre il sapiente disegno, 

fulcro della forza magnetica della sua arte. Nelle sue immagini vivono generazioni

che trasmetono rivelazioni crescenti e preziose di mondi nascosti nei quali l’umano

diventa divino, creatura attinge la creazione, la conquista e ne svela l’anima.”

“ Merito precipuo di quest’artista é quello di scoprire la luce che ogni uomo ha dentro

e con la quale l’artista illumina le proprie opere, che divengono così altre sorgenti

atte ad indicare all’uomo la strada da percorrere per ritrovare l’Eden perduto.


   Gianni Franceschetti  

Art critic, 1 May 1992, Rome.)


Art exhibitions 1981-20067

·            Ambachtencentrum, Middelburg, Holland with the first book ‘Love and Death’)

·            Solingen Museum, Solingen, Germany

·            Burkhardt Academy, Rome, Italy

·            Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar, Norway

·            Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway

·            Galleri Basilio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

·            Trysil Kunstforening, Trysil, Norway

·            Brumundall Kunstforening, Brumundall, Norway

·            Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway

·            Elverum Museum (Skogbruksmuseet), Elverum, Norway

·            Hedmarksmuseet, Hamar, Norway

·            Gallery Studio, Gent, Belgium

·            Oranjezon Vrouwenpolder, Holland

·            Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway

·            Tetra Galleri, Hamar, Norway

·            Gravensteenhotel, Gent, Belgium

·            Norland Tour, Norway : (Kobbelv, Straumen, Fauske, Radhus,

·            Bodo-Norlandmuseet, Lofoten-Vagan, Sortland, Lofoten-Stamsund.)

·            Academie Internationale Burckhardt, Rome, Italy

·            Centre Culturel des Roches, Rochefort, Belgium

·            Art Gallery, City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

·            Natuurhistorisch Museum Boekenbergpark, Antwerpen, Belgium

·            Elverum Museum (Skogbruksmuseet), Elverum, Norway

·            Gallery “d’ Hoogpoorte”, Gent, Belgium

·            Maison d’accueil de Berdorf, Luxembourg

·            Casino of Middelkerke, Belgium

·            Academie Européenne des Arts, prix national Paris, France; médaille d’argent

·            Galery Salix, Vivart, Kunst & Natuur, Vlassenbroeck, Belgium

·            Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

·            Kiwiet Domein, Hasselt, Belgium


·   Kasteel Gemeente huis Neerrijnen, Nederlands

·   Musée Moulin d’Arenberg , (group exhibition)Rebecq, Belgium

·   Gaallery Man and Nature, Latem, Belgium




     And on the own web page: www.naturestudio.net



Gent,  June 1991


To Fabiola, Queen of Belgium. 

With gratitude for the time and consideration you dedicate to reading this letter,

wish to give you something  by this project. 

The idea of it begun in Norway in 1986, when a festival of the "Arts for Nature"

 has been created to be an annual event, through my initiative backed up by the minister Sissel Ronbekk. 

It has further developed when, after I have been working for five years in Norway in my paintings,

 writings and exhibitions, with an enthusiastic response from the public and the press,

 a Norwegian (called Per Haugen) offered to the Government a land and a building

 of his property for the creation of a museum of my work.

 In a letter to the chief of culture of Marvin, I have then proposed that a museum be created

 not for my works in particular but for those works of art which would express and evoke

a sense of wonder and sensitivity for the beauty of Nature.

 Art can take any direction, today, even that of alienating man from himself, from his own kind

 and from Nature, collaborating thus with the psychic degeneration, the social chaos and the

 destruction of Nature this Earth is suffering from.

 The Art I would suggest be promoted, through the creation of such a museum of "Arts for Nature",

 is not Art with a purpose, necessarily, but Art with a certain spirit of sensibility and respect

for the beauty of the soul, the beauty of Nature; the essential quality that needs to be developed

in Humanity before it can stop destroying itself and the Earth. it inhabits.

It is unnecessary to say that too little has been done in this part of Europe to re-establish the

 ecological balance for a healthy human existence, in spite the efforts f some people.

I believe the creation of such a "school" of Art would be a great blessing and in conformity with

 Belgium's historical role in the arts: a legacy for all people and for all time, and that could help

develop man's ability to see and the treasures of nature, from a dry leaf under his feet to the infinite sky.

 and feel him one with it.

Should I count with your help for the realisation of this ideal, then let me offer my services together

with  a colleague, the Belgium artist Myriam Vandenberghe and many other collaborators,

for the planning that will be required

with kind regards,                                            van Chapman 

(A copy of this document has been sent to the minister of education, the Minister of Culture, and of the Milieu.)


www. naturestudio.net            info@naturestudio.net



(text: van Chapman)

Sun over water, painting by van Chapman (abstrac fase)




If one has chosen Nature as a teacher

rather than the classic or modern schools of art,

 the discoveries made by oneself ought not to be

 referred to classicism or modernism, but to Nature.


One may not be working in a so-called modern way of Art

simply because one is not following  any school of art.

 But one may still be saying something really in need to be said

in the present time.


A question to modern art:

The light of love-consciousness,
Art and philosophy about the essence of natural and spiritual beauty.

 (van Chapman)


 To say that someone's work is not art because it does not conform to the

contemporary art is the same as to say that if a composer is not making

minimal or contemporary music, he is not making music.

 Is there a real superiority, a real evolution in the way of expression of

modern art in relation to any other form of art when it comes to expressing

the fundamental, the essential, or a true vision and understanding, or

has the way of expression in modern art become an end in itself ?

It is well for art to find new ways of expression.

But what are ways of expression if they speak and say nothing ?

 It would be absurd to say that demagogy is greater art than simply saying the truth.



 Meditation on the question: what is art ?

 Looking up in the dictionary, the simplest definition of art is ability.

The term art can be applied widely to all that is an ability.

Though it could be cynical, for example, to include the ability of

lying or stealing in the category of true art.

 Therefore, we are faced with the questions of categories in art.

The concept of greater or lesser art being inevitably linked with

a sense of ethic; an ability to apprehend and transmit a truth,

having in mind the good of mankind, for example, being greater

than the ability of serving delusion or ego worship.

To synthesize, the greater the egoism expressed, the less noble the art,

the greater the consciousness, the truthfulness,

the greatness of heart, the more noble the art.


The mere ability or craftsmanship is not the goal in true art,

though the highest art could be the ability of expressing a great meaning,

of bringing light to the world, which ultimately could only be done by being in that light.



If Love is more essential than Art,

how can one say it is NOT ART a painting that expresses true love,

 sensibility for the other, for the beauty of Nature,

like Myriam's paintings do,full of sincerity and truth,

while one promotes  a base graffiti work, as he has done in Gent,

for example, or anything that expresses vulgarity, insensibility

for others and for the beauty of Nature, AS BEING ART ????


Can there be real Art dissociated from Love ?

Creativity in itself is not enough from a deeper human perspective.

One may have ability; one may be creative even in violating others in crime.

How can one dissociate an act from that which it serves, Love or the ego ?

What value has a word, a form without the spirit that gives life?

To praise ability, creativity, art for its own sake, could be to elevate the person with ability,

 even if a criminal, to the level of a hero, to create a false value,

a false God, put him on a pedestal and adore him



 Another example of conceptual art: in an exhibition, on the floor, one sees a simple

cement-bloc. One asks what that is that supposed to mean. Someone who is "in"

in the movement of modern art tells you that this artist had removed the statue

from the pedestal. Then he removed the pedestal, and only the cement-bloc was left.

On both cases the explanation of the meaning of those "sculptures" was nowhere near

 or in the sculptures themselves to be found, unless maybe,  for one who was a clairvoyant.



Gent, April 1991


and as well, as a group of international artists, we would lay

the foundations to a new culture, other than the over-intellectual, 

fragmented culture of the present, of the so-called modern contemporary art.


We would like to re-affirm that real art is timeless,

 free of fashion and all the propaganda that makes believe that something is or is not "in".

The only act, the only art which has substantial value is not one

that springs from mere intellectual thought play, but that which springs from the soul.

 We, Isolda from Brasil, Myriam Vandenberghe from Belgium and Van Chapman

from America,

 individually and as a group agree

that there is no real art without the greatness of the soul.

A concept that in itself would wipe away all deceitful art and sophisticated,

snobistic and frivolous concepts in art.

Isolda Hermes da Fonseca

Van Chapman

Myriam Vandenberghe



The essential is so simple, like being sincere and humble, and yet it is all too easily lost.

Perhaps because it is so simple, we take it for granted, forget to care for it.

I was told that today an art form is considered art to the extend that it is new, revolutionary.

Is an empty form, for example, more art because it is considered new, than a form

that transmits the essential though considered old ?

To say that art is revolutionary to the extend that it is new is the same as saying

 that by ever changing and putting on new clothes, we will be essentially changed.

Myriam and I were joking that in some years it could be that Frans Boenders,

 for example, of the Belgium cultural radio station would be speaking of a new ‘ism’;


And this essentialism only meant that so long as a concept, however new or revolutionary,

 still promoted snobism and the arrogant use of power, it changed essentially nothing,

of the corrupt nature of society.



    Mineral patterns   by van Chapman, (abstract fase)




Contact in Nederland


Contact and Gallery in Belgium


Man and Nature Gallery

Organisation:     Arnold Eloy 


  Maenhoutstraat 77 b  /

9830  Sint-Martens-Latem  /

Tel. 00 32 (0)496 805 799




Photod: Myriam Vandenberghe and the Web master : van Chapman








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 Iris flower essence - Photo van Chapman


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