since 2010 officially a VZW, a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.

Hate is the false prophet,
love is the true master.
There is no holy ground which
has been won
by cruel violence and hate.

Holy is the love and understanding
between all people."

(van Chapman)

-Philosophic Community Projects -

About a  film project:"
Garden Angel"

"Garden Angel" is a visual poem, a short experimental nature film series.

The scenes happen by chance, as a traveler in a strange always unknown land.

The events demonstrate the intimate relationship between the main character, our GARDEN ANGEL, and nature.

(Possibly to be accompanied by ancient, modern or future classical music which conveys depth and calmness of mind, the infinity of nature under the light of love.)

It happens between the mystic river banks of tropical rain forest, and around and inside the magic garden of Myriam Vandenberghe, our Garden angel, where the time stands still.

Whether in a river in a rainforest or in a drop of water on a flower in a garden, the beauty, unity, and the mystery is the same.

For the quiet and  simple mind, nature's beauty, reveals itself.

More than just telling a story, the images in these shorts reveal, the wonder that each of us has ever had as a child, and that wisdom teaches us never to lose.

So we walk in nature as a museum of infinite fascinating forms of living art.

The structure is a combination of sensitive nature pictures + videos of simple things or events in a near-cinematic presentation, to further combine with live music performances or other forms of music in 8 nature short film presentations of 15 minutes (about 2 hours in total).

The macro lens reveals a poetic microcosm  from the viewpoint of an insect  grows to the unity of a philosophical macrocosm.

Discovering and sharing the beauty of the treasures of nature and spiritual consciousness.

van Chapman and Myriam Vandenberghe

You can see MYRIAM'S WORK at
[Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe] and [Nature paintings-Myriam Vandenberghe]

You can see the work and read the philosophy of van Chapman at

since 2010 officially a VZW, a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.

Goals of Naturestudio vzw:
To promote the spiritual self-awareness as a counterweight to the spiritual poverty of the time.
b. To sensitize people to the beauty of nature and of good heart, the soul, through art and philosophy.
c. More peaceful solutions to world conflicts
d. More equitable social and interpersonal relationships through supporting the creation and realization of philosophical, cultural and artistic works, projects and events.

We are looking for a co producer for these projects.
Here is our contact.


In this site there are painting of our artists. 
We offer a commission of 30 up to 50% to the European and American help organizations which can sell them for us through their websites.

Please contact us  for more details through our site:

"The voice of eternal love music project"

proposition: the creation of an channel of uninterrupted transmission of the highest artistic level which bring to all peoples
the expression of the most noble sentiments of the human consciousness and soul.

In his Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Leonard Huxley  gave a beautiful example from ancient Chinese literature of the sign of a great artist: Ching, a famous artist who made sculptures of supernatural* beauty , was asked how he made such art.
His method was to rid the mind from obstacles: in the first day he meditated and got rid of the desire to become rich. The next day he meditated, and got rid of the desire for prestige and fame. In the third day, of the desire for power, and so on.
On the seventh day, he went to the forest for some wood, and made his sculpture.

( * supernatural beauty  simply designate the natural power of a meditative -contemplative love- consciousness, when all vanity of power is gone and the mind is clear.
note by van Chapman, )

(What is relevant in Art today ?  OUR STANDPOINTS AND QUESTIONS
vertaald door Myriam Vandenberghe)

van Chapman
- Filosofische Gemeenschapsprojecten-

Als men zich bezighoudt met de stijl van schilderijkaders bijvoorbeeld, of ze al dan niet modern zijn of in stijl zijn is dat relevant voor de wereld van vandaag?

Het is niet omdat een vorm modern is van  stijl dat het oprecht is in geest. Maar als een kunst tijdloos is, is het omgekeerde waar.
Als een werk oprecht is en mooi in geest en vorm dan is het altijd actueel.

Ik bevooroordeel geen werk omdat het modern is. Dat is in feite de betekenis van mijn (Abstracte Watervormen) Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater video, om over te brengen hoe abstract sommige aspecten van de natuur kunnen zijn, en een werk gebaseerd op zulke abstracte vormen spiritueel kan zijn in de betekenis dat het mensen kan helpen te zien wat is. Kijk naar de overweldigende schoonheid en rijkdom die we hebben in de natuur, die de wereld aan het vernietigen is als ze blind is. Kunt u mij garanderen dat de hedendaagse kunst geen uitstekende spirituele werken bevooroordeelt, (zoals die van Myriam vandenberghe), alleen omdat ze niet modern zijn in stijl?

Is bijvoorbeeld een werk relevant voor de wereld, zelfs als het alleen nog  méér bijdraagt aan de bestaande vervuiling en ongevoeligheid van de wereld?
Bijvoorbeeld het maken van Cloaca's, uitwerpselen van goed voedsel als kunst in een wereld waar mensen van honger sterven, of het tatoeëren van varkens in een wereld waar zulke dieren in kerkers leven enkel voor consumptie, zonder het recht op een leven waard die naam, is dit meer spiritueel and relevant voor de wereld van vandaag?

Ik ben hier om te luisteren en proberen te begrijpen, omdat zoals ik zie, een werk die uitdrukking geeft aan een diepe verbondenheid met de natuur en het leven, te bestempelen als alleen maar decoratief, simpelweg omdat het niet modern is in stijl, inderdaad een onrechtvaardige, tragikomische projectie is.

Een waarachtige, rechtvaardige of vriendelijke geest is nog altijd goed zonder vorm.
Maar wat is een vorm, hoewel hedendaags, zonder waarachtige geest?

Als het in een werk gaat om de vorm of een stijl,  en geest, rechtvaardigheid, waarheid, de gezondheid van het leven of de vrede in deze wereld van geen belang is, is het dan relevant in de hedendaagse kunst?

Als een ware geest vorm aanneemt, om het even welke stijl dan is het kunst.

Eens hoorde ik de vraag: "Kan Kunst de wereld redden?".

Wat de wereld kan redden is geen kwestie van stijl maar van bewustzijn. Het is geen mode of stijl van kunst, maar het verenigen van een waarachtige vriendelijke en oprechte geestesingesteldheid in actie in om het even wat we doen. Om bescheiden genoeg te zijn om te zien wat is en niet iemand, of om het even wat bevooroordelen zelfs niet vanuit een geloof.

Er is substantieel niets nieuws in een kunstwerk of revolutie, als men een vorm van ijdelheid van macht vervangt door een ander, een vooroordeel voor een ander.

van Chapman
- Filosofische Gemeenschapsprojecten-

Ware engelen vernietigen niet de mens maar de valsheid in hem.

year 2012

End of a long attempt of a dialogue with a fanatic Muslim

You say you do not believe in love as I do.

you believe in justice, not love, because you believe in Alah.

I say there is no Justice without love.

Does a good teacher kill a student because a student does not believe or understand?

Does a good teacher punish  a human fault or crime with an even worse crime?

What I have shown you in this dialogue is that not all which is written in the scriptures and Koran is just.

some punishments in the Koran are not a form of just punishment but  a much worse crime.

and Erci finally gave in and : answered: -Maybe...

Now he must be giving it some thought.

[Love or Belief ?]

Terrorists are not afraid of bombs, they are afraid of questions.

Spiritual voice cannot be silenced by neither questions nor bombs ,
Spiritual people are afraid  to harm or do injustice to anyone, what terrorists are not afraid of.

Wishing all the best to you. 


REACTION on Canvascollectie
Seeing the often cold and gloomy expressions of many of the 'Avant Garde' artists today, like sculptures of bodies smashed inside building materials, if I would see artists as pioneers of the future, the future would look somber indeed.

Since Marcel DuChamp, with his urinoir, we have noticed, it seems modern artists spend a lot of time in the toilet!

They never seem to be tired to look in there for things to exhibit in museums,- from the metal tube structures and toilet accessories, furniture to bodily matter, sex organs, bones, tissues, fats, fluids  dirty baby napies, to the very cloaka of Delvoye, apparently fascinated by excreting activities, for all that, with a solid CONCEPT backing it, yes, is modern.

Similarly, most expressions of graffiti or rap-pop-contemporary artists are as the body language of those teen agers seduced by the tough guys of a street gang, proud of their insensitive, arrogant attitudes and foul language, mostly copied from the others, expressions from the excrements of language as 'fucking' with every other sentence, 'shit', 'God damn ' ('Godverdomme'), or 'fuck off', because that is 'COOL" or 'IN'.
And like these teenagers, many contemporary art exponents turn their nose up at, and look down upon those who do not follow them.

Myriam and I  agree that only through the consciousness of love one can see the beauty of Nature.
and also see  the ugliness and stupidity of vanity, of greed, arrogance, which to the immature mind is so 'cool'.

van Chapman,
Philosophic Community Projects

True angels destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

A brief exchange with a guru
of Modern Art

Once on a brief exchange, Jan Hoet, the creator of SMAK museum of modern art in Gent,  without even knowing me, said to me he that 'he could never be my friend'.
I disagree with him: Not to have the same view on Art is not a reason not be friends.
He prejudiced me because of some post cards of  Myriam Vandenberghe's nature paintings he saw in my hand.
To project our prejudices on another, on what is, and want no discussion, is the main cause of disruption in any relationship.
We can understand each other if we want, if are not too proud to want that, if we are not too proud to be questioned.

On another occasion, I came with one of his friends to a dinner of shell fish mussels  he gave in honor of  Mossel-pot, from a modern art Belgium artist Broodthaers'. Miriam Vandenberghe probably would not have come since she is a vegetarian.

At a certain moment I stood before all his guests and  asked him:  -"What is more important to you: Love or Art? He answered that Art could not compete with neither Nature nor Love.

After the dinner, according to the person who took me, Jan Hoet said in Flemish to him: -"God damn!, -("Godverdomme"!) Who did you bring with you !?..".

Before I left, I told Jan Hoet that one day I would make his portrait.
Here at least, is a philosophical view of our brief exchanges.

Is there a modern Art Guru, to whom we must follow in the world today?
Not for me. I see Jan Hoet is in contradiction when, in one hand he affirms the superiority of love and Nature over Art, and on the other, snobs an extraordinary expression of  love for nature and all living beings as mere 'decoration'.

So I have some questions for him and his followers.
If a work only adds to the insensibility of humanity and pollution of this planet, even though it is modern, is it art? Is it relevant to the world today? If a work is about form, never mind the health, life or peace in this world, even if it is modern, is it Art? Is it relevant to the world  today?

Once on TV during an interview, we heard  Jan Hoet declare he was a Catholic and a Jew.
Such monotheistic doctrines have evolved from an unquestioning loyalty to religious authority. does this have to do with the idea of someone as an unquestionable authority in art?? If we are  too proud to be questioned, or to want understand each other, then we cannot be friends.

van Chapman,
Philosophic Community Projects

True angels destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.


Spiritual teachings pre-existed  Abraham tradition and the streams of Monotheism.

From the ancient times of civilization, the wisdom of Lao Tzu ( (604 - 531 BC ), of Buddha (around 563 BC- 483 BC), of Socrates (460-429 BC), previous to  Judaism, Catholicism or the Islam, all  have shown that simple awareness (in particular spiritual self awareness), not subjugating power, brings out the potential understanding and natural order to the mind and relationships.
Questions may be the very way to tap within for spiritual self awareness, all knowledge and self knowledge.

The repression of questioning leads to fanatism and tyranny. The moment you create an unquestionable authority you also create hell.
Is unquestioning, indiscriminate submission, convenient for the world today? Has it ever been?

Abraham's willingness not to question, but to kill even his own son, out obedience to whom he considered God,  is revered in all ramifications of this Monotheistic tradition.
Abraham has set out the example of the way of relationship of blind obedience, even in a crime, to religious authority.
To have faith in an ultimate justice is good, but can there be justice without love, without spiritual discernment??

This lack of discrimination venerated until today as sacred, combined with different interpretations and ramifications belief,  have caused the most absurd and horrific violence, injustice, crime in human history: those committed and justified  in name of God.

Since then, Monotheistic systems of Beliefs  crumble now before those who have eyes to see, when the fruits of pride of power and the blind submission (even in a crime), come to the light:
The never ending bloodbaths we see (here also on Canvas TV)  these times.

Abraham could have stopped and asked himself  if he could trust anyone or any spirit as just and good, who would order him to murder anyone, in particularly, an innocent child. Then history would have perhaps had a much better turn.

But it is never too late.
The future starts now and it starts with you.

Little has humanity learned from its bloody history because horrors have even been justified by these Monotheistic religions and as said before, to project our prejudices on others or on what is, and want no discussion, is the main cause of disruption in any relationship, the source of all darkness, all hopeless conflicts in relationships.

Before true peace and understanding can reign between any of us, there must be a revolution, as said Krishnamurti, which is truly intelligent. As solving of differences peacefully, through meditation, awareness and dialogue, not mentally or physically as brute dinosaurs.

Only through the consciousness of love one can see the beauty of Nature and  the ugliness and stupidity of vanity, of greed, arrogance, also in the animals, which to the immature mind is so 'cool'.

Only love is just and no prophet and guru, savior,  holy book or anyone one has beaten love yet.


In a film "The Other Israel"   presented by an American Christian preacher, it is shown how Judaism has tried to dominate the World to this day. This priest, in a Christian  unquestioning biased view, typical of the tradition of Abraham, overlooked the fact that the Biblical Jesus was contradicting his own command 'Love your enemies' when he considered Jewish  Pharisees as less than human, and ordered them to be killed.

He shows that though perversions such as child sex abuse were justified by Rabbis in the Jewish Talmud, in the unquestioning biased  view typical of the tradition of Abraham they taught that those who are not Jewish, called Gentiles, (also Christians), were perverse, should be deprived of all property and all rights, treated in court not as equal to Jews but as less than human and that they may kill them though indirectly.

But this American Christian did not show that the Islam itself  in the same unquestioning biased view of the tradition of Abraham, tries to dominate the world, with contradicting commands about religious tolerance, telling Muslims in the Koran to consider non Muslims as less than Muslims not to befriend and even to kill Jews and Christians, at the time of its prophet.

Violence is a stupid argument.
A Philosopher does not consider unbelief a problem.
Not a reason not to be a friend of someone or to kill him.
Philosophers, similar in a way to  saints or holy sages would never convert through the sword but bring about enlightenment and understanding through honesty, clarity, insight and an intelligent dialogue.

"Hate is the false prophet,
love is the true master.
There is no holy ground which
has been won
by cruel violence and hate.

Holy is the love and understanding
between all people."

van Chapman

Philosophic Community Projects


If Art is about inner truth, then nothing could be more actual in this world (of global warming, fratricide wars), than the treasures Myriam Vandenberghe discovers or creates in the silence of her kind soul. Rather than futuristic nightmares, I would rather  live in  the magical gardens she architects for the future: The green, pure, innocent, violence-free worlds  she paints and photographs.

As  the great classical music, Myriam's art and being, can be seen today as of another time; and  forgotten.
How much per cent of the population listens to the treasure of classical music in Radio stations as Klara? Alarming statistics in the past, if I remember well, said it is around one per cent of the population in the area.  I do not know if it has evolved.
The explanation for this phenomena is in the spiritual level of the masses.
As the stronger wavelengths of popular radio stations (like radio Donna) have dulled away the cultural radios, as Klara, in Belgium,  pop culture gurus would dull her work off the scene.

For most of the people, the real treasure of classic music or of Myriam's art is still buried.

Has the time come for it to be discovered ?  I can only present this mysterious person to you, personally, or through my own work, and hope you will see them as the treasures they are. The answer depends on you.

Myriam Vandenberghe in her magic garden-Photo van Cha pman

A mossy stone

click to see more of  MYRIAM'S WORK :
[Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe]

[Nature paintings-Myriam Vandenberghe]

Reactie op de Canvascollectie - Preselectie - Oostende 27 Januari 2012

In Oostende MU-ZEE, toen ik  mijn werken op de vloer plaatste met het gezicht naar de muur, alleen de achterkant tonend en aan de jury vragend om me te vertellen  welke kant het echte kunstwerk was.
Elk op onze beurt, Myriam en ik werden kortstondig geïnterviewd door een jonge en vriendelijke vrouwelijke jury.
Ik legde uit dat ik deelnam aan de Canvascollectie uit sympathie voor de cultureel-humanitaire aanpak van de TV zender Canvas (van waaruit de Canvascollectie werd gepromoot) en dat zelfs als mijn werken niet geselecteerd werden, ik gekomen was om bij te dragen aan een dialoog over Kunst.
Ik heb bewondering voor journalisten die kunnen schrijven onder stress, omdat ik dat niet kan. Ik maak fouten.
Ik heb mij verontschuldigd  om voor dagen, hele nachten niet geslapen te hebben en dat ik omwille van praktische problemen  niet op tijd kon komen, maar gelukkig bleek dat geen probleem te zijn voor de plaatselijke organisatie.
Ik heb aan de jury mijn gedachten gegeven over Hedendaagse Kunst, uitgeprint in zeven haasten, hen uitnodigend om te reageren en zei dat ik hun respons zou publiceren op de site van Canvas en die van mij (
Nadat we gekeken hadden naar mijn video 'Abstract Waterforms from Mysticwater' ( welke door een of andere incompatibiliteit in hun laptop erg onstabiel was),  overlegden ze met elkaar zonder mijn aanwezigheid. Toen ik uitgenodigd werd om terug te keren om hun beslissing te vernemen, sprak een van de juryleden tot mij en zei dat de dialoog over Kunst haar interesseerde.
Zij suggereerde om te werken aan de individuele watervormen, omdat zij ze de moeite waard vond, maar de constante opeenvolging van de beelden in mijn video vond ze te overweldigend. En ze stuurde me weg van de selectie.
Ik heb hen gevraagd om te reageren op mijn uitnodiging tot dialoog over Kunst, glimlachte en vertrok, mijn doelstellingen voor mijn komst bereikt te hebben.
Ik kan begrijpen dat zij de beelden van mijn video te overweldigend vond.  In België hebben we geen bergwatervallen zoals in Brazilië die ik gefotografeerd had.  Maar voor mij, zo een overweldigende overvloed van natuur zoals getoond op mijn video, in tegenstelling tot wat het teweegbracht bij haar,  heeft de vermogen om mijn geest te verstillen.

Mijn vriendin Myriam Vandenberghe vertelt mij hoe ze verbaasd waren over haar natuurschilderijen en zelfs mensen van andere sectoren kwamen kijken om de schoonheid te bewonderen, nieuwsgierig over de unieke fijne techniek, maar de jury op het einde beschouwde ze als 'decoratief 'werk, alhoewel van een hoge kwaliteit in hun mooie kaders, niet passend in hun concept van wat kunst dient te zijn vandaag. Ze werd dus ook weggestuurd van de selectie. ( Dat was wat wij hadden gedacht hoe ze zouden reageren, zoals Jan Hoet ooit eens gedaan heeft en waarom ik bereid was om het  hedendaagse kunstconcept te confronteren op een filosofische manier)

Nadien, al wandelend langs het strand van Oostende glimlachte ik naar de zachte duinvormen en patronen  in de zon en fronste bij de aanblik van plastiekafval hier en daar half begraven in het zand, die het zeeleven  en vogels vergiftigd, het riep beelden op die men terugvindt in de hedendaagse kunst.

Ik overdacht de incompatibiliteit tussen de 'computerprogramma's ' van diegenen onder ons die vibreren in harmonie bij een glimp van natuur, en diegenen die zo vervreemd zijn van de natuur, diegenen  voor wie het afval van de beschaving, de plastiek colaflessen, de soepblikken, de plastieken vodden,  zand en zee vervuilend, hen inspireert en waar ze geraakt door worden als kunstvoorwerpen.

Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater by van Chapman

True angels
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.
promotes spiritual self awareness,
and the contemplation of the beauty of Nature
through Art and Philosophy .

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