A few words about Myriam and her work:

Myriam’s works have a silent eloquence that could benefit  her time and generations to come.

If the people of this Earth could see the beauty of nature as through her eyes,
they would stop destroying it. And if they could see themselves as through her moments of 
quiet contemplation, there would not be so much falseness in this world....

...Immortal Gardener,

you who respect even the tiniest of seeds, teach us the patience to let the all grow from the nothing:
God is the seed of all, you teach me, and the seed of all is the tiniest of seeds.
That is why, you told me, one does not see God.”

van Chapman

Brazilian vegetation 50x35cm.jpg


If Art is about inner truth, then nothing could be more actual in this world (of global warming, fratricide wars), than the treasures Myriam Vandenberghe discovers or creates in the silence of her kind soul. Rather than futuristic nightmares, I would rather  live in  the magical gardens she architects for the future: The green, pure, innocent, violence-free worlds  she paints and photographs.

As  the great classical music, Myriam's art and being, can be seen today as of another time; and  forgotten.
How much per cent of the population listens to the treasure of classical music in Radio stations as Klara? Alarming statistics in the past, if I remember well, said it is around one per cent of the population in the area.  I do not know if it has evolved.
The explanation for this phenomena is in the spiritual level of the masses.
As the stronger wavelengths of popular radio stations (like radio Donna) have dulled away the cultural radios, as Klara, in Belgium,  pop culture gurus would dull her work off the scene.

For most of the people, the real treasure of classic music or of Myriam's art is still buried.

Has the time come for it to be discovered ?  I can only present this mysterious person to you, personally, or through my own work, and hope you will see them as the treasures they are. The answer depends on you.

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[Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe]

Naturestudio officially a VZW since 2010,
a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.

promotes inner truth
spiritual self awareness, and the
contemplation of the beauty of Nature
through Art and Philosophy .

    Curriculum Vitae

  Myriam Vandenberghe

Naam : Myriam Vandenberghe
Geboren : 22 mei 1954 te Kortrijk

Studies en diploma's

-    1966-1972 : diploma volledige humaniora (Econ. Wet.)
-    1972-1975 : 3 jaar grafische Kunsten aan de Kon. Academie voor Schone Kunsten te Gent
-    1978 : Akte van Bekwaamheid voor het Ambt van Bibliothecaris

-    1978-1979 :     bibliotheekbediende Vrije Openbare Bibliotheek Gent
-    1980-1981 :     bibliotheekbediende Nationaal Bibliotheekfonds Herentals
-    1982-1985 :    bibliotheekbediende Stadsbibliotheek Gent
-    jan 90-juni90 : bibliotheekbediende  Fac. Engelse Taalkunde Universiteit Gent
-    aug 90-juli92 : administratief bediende Fac. Diergeneeskunde Universiteit Gent
-    sept92-juli 94 : bibliotheekbediende Stadsbibliotheek Gent

ART EXHIBITIONS Myriam Vandenberghe
with  van Chapman
first exhibition van Chapman with MyriamVandenberghe, Gent, Belgium, April 1990.

van Chapman          
- Ambachtencentrum, Middelburg, (first book 'Love and Death'), Nederland, 1981.
- Burckhardt Academy, Rome, Italy, 1982.
- Solingen Museum, Solingen, Germany, September1983.
- Corfu book store, Corfu, Greece,1983.
- Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar, Norway, January1984.
- Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway 1986.
- Galleria Basilio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Elverum Museum (Skogbruksmuseet),
- Elverum, Norway, 1986.
- Hedmarksmuseet, Hamar, Norway, December 1987.
- Trysil Kunstforening, Trysil, Norway.
- Brumundall Kunstforening, Brumundall, Norway.
- Galleri Budor, Budor Turisthytte, Løten, Norway.
- Gallery Studio, with mother Isolda Hermes da Fonseca,
- also first exhibition with MyriamVandenberghe, Gent, Belgium, April 1990.
- Oranjezon Vrouwenpolder, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Holland, June1990.
- Galleri Budor, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Løten, Norway, July1990.
- Tetra Galleri, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Hamar, Norway, December 1990.
- Gravensteen hotel, with mother Isolda Hermes da Fonseca and Myriam Vandenberghe,
- Gent, Belgium, Juli 1991.
- NORLAND Tour with Myriam Vandenberghe: (Kobbelv, Straumen, Fauske,
  Radhus, Bodo-Norlandmuseet, Lofoten-Vagan, Sortland, Lofoten-Stamsund.)
  Norway, September--December 1991.
- Academie Internationale Burckhardt, Rome, Italy, May 1992.
- Centre Culturel des Roches, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Rochefort, Belgique,
- Art Gallery, with Myriam Vandenberghe, City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, September 1993.
- De Mattemburg, with mother Isolda Hermes da Fonseca, Holland.
- Natuurhistorisch Museum Boekenbergpark,with Myriam Vandenberghe, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1996.
- Gallery "d' Hoogpoorte", with mother Isolda Hermes da Fonseca and Myriam
- Vandenberghe, Gent, Belgium, December 1996 -March 1997.
- Maison d'accueil de Berdorf, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Luxemburg, June-Juli 1997.
- Casino of Middelkerke, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Belgium, August-September 1997.
- Academie Européenne des Arts, Prix National Médaille d'Argent, for poetry, 1998. Paris, France.
- Gallery Salix, Vivart, Kunst & Natuur, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Vlassenbroeck, Belgium.
- Palais de l'Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, with Myriam Vandenberghe, France, June1999.
- Stedelijk Domein Kiewit, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Hasselt, Belgium, August, September 2000.
- Gents Ecologisch Centrum, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Gent, Belgium.
- Kasteel Gemeente with Myriam Vandenberghe, Neerijnen, Holland, October 2003.
- Moulin des Ducs d'Arenberg, with Myriam Vandenberghe, Rebecq, Belgique, April 2006.
- Gallery Man and Nature Latem, with mother Isolda Hermes da Fonseca and Myriam Vandenberghe,
  St. Marten's Latem, Belgium, 2007-2008
- Cafes- Philosophic Community Portraits Project, Gent, Belgium, 2009.
- Casa da Cultura, Pre-presentation Mysticwater, Macro and Nature-photos,
  with Myriam Vandenberghe, Paraty, Brazil, April 2010.
- Brasil Restaurant, (in the Gentse feesten) Gent, Belgium July 2012.
   ON-LINE Publications - Google page, Youtube, Facebook,
-  Published on the web First sample digital low resolution film videos:
'  Oneminute naturestudio' for Canvas, Belgium 2011
- and 'Abstract Waterforms 1' from 'Mysticwater' on 2012.
   Published Light Over Water Text only on the website of Naturestudio 2013
   Link to video by van Chapman on abstract water forms and colours.
-  Published low resolution video Heart of Flowers Naturestudio Production
-  on trial on commercial site Youtube 2013: link:
- http://www.naturestudio.net/
- http://www.naturestudio.net/nature_paintings_van_chapman.html
- http://www.naturestudio.net/nature_photos_van_chapman.html


    Naturestudio promoot spiritueel
    zelfbewustzijn, innerlijke waar-   
heid en de contemplatie van de        
schoonheid  van de Natuur door    
middel van Kunst en filosofie.
    De werken op deze tentoonstelling    
zijn te koop.    Vraag naar een prijslijst    
indien geïnteresseerd.
    Opdrachten en portretten kunnen    
persoonlijk aan de kunstenaars
    gevraagd worden.



The works on this exhibition are for sale.
Ask for a price list if interested.
Orders and portraits can be asked personally to the artists.

With one of those ckassic Flemish painters as Van Eyck
you could buy more than one apartment building in NY city.
But the paintings of Myriam,
which if you see the original ones are as fine as a Van Eyck,
today do not even pay her working hours.The prices now
range from 1/2 to 4 thousand euros (multiply by 3 fot reais).
Once a year we make an exhibition
and sometimes only receive many compliments....
And we need a marchand to sell, but we still live and feel rich!

van Chapman

A WEB-SHOP for art
the eventual profit of selling of our nature photos will go to our non profit society
naturestudio VZW


in Brussels

Myriam’s PHOTOS for sale :


van Chapman's PHOTOS for sale:

www.naturestudio .net

True angels
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.
promotes spiritual self awareness,
and the contemplation of the beauty of Nature
through Art and Philosophy .

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Myriam Vandenberghe
Curriculum Vitae:  1980 - 2009

Born : 22 mei 1954, Kortrijk, Belgium
Studies: Grafische Kunsten,
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten,
in Gent, Belgium, where she dreamed away in the classroom.

Art exhibitions 1980-2009

Galerij Vandevelde, Gent, Belgium
Oude Kerk Vichte, Belgium
NTG, Gent, Belgium
Gallery Studio, Gent, Belgium
Oranjezon Vrouwenpolder, Nederland
Galleri Budor, Løten, Norway
Tetra Galleri, Hamar, Norway
Gravensteenhotel, Gent, Belgium
Norland Tour, Norway : Kobbelv, Straumen, Fauske
Radhus, Bodo-Norlandmuseet,
Lofoten-Vagan, Sortland, Lofoten-Stamsund
Academie Internationale Burckhardt, Rome, Italy
Centre Culturel des Roches, Rochefort, Belgium
Art Gallery, City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Natuurhistorisch Museum Boekenbergpark, Antwerpen, Belgium
Elverum Museum (Skogbruksmuseet), Elverum, Norway
Gallerij “d’ Hoogpoorte”, Gent, Belgium
Maison d’accueil de Berdorf, Luxembourg
Casino Middelkerke, Belgium
Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe,  Strasbourg,  France
Kiwiet Domein, Hasselt, Belgium
Gent’s Ecologisch Centrum, Gent, Belgium
Vivart, Vlassenbroeck, Belgium (group exhibition)
eel Gemeente Neerijnen,  Nederland
Moulin des Ducs d’Arenberg, Rebecq, Belgique, April 2006
Gallery Man and Nature, Latem, Belgium, September 2007
De Witte Leeuw Gent, Belgium, Jan-Feb. 2009
Casa da Cultura, Mystic Water, Macro photos, Paraty, Brazil 2010

Paintings  by
Myriam Vandenberghe