It is not that a predator animal can create a hell out of the life of its pray that we are justified in doing the same as animal predators.

van Chapman

"In 1892, the Swiss Animal Protection Association launched a popular initiative against shechita. Although the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly moved to reject this initiative, it was accepted on 20th August 1893.
The Federal Constitution was then amended as follows by Article 25bis: ‘The slaughter of animals without prior stunning before the withdrawal of blood is prohibited without exception for every type of slaughter and every species of animal.’ "
Quote from http://www.swissjews.ch/en/religioeses/koscherfleisch/schaechtverbot.php)


Exclusive Naturestudio RECIPES !

Vegetarian caviar-like spread

Vegetarian caviar-like spread
(Delicious Vegetarian-Exclusive Naturestudio Recipes !
Unpit one 300 g. can of salted black olives
(Gives about one l and a half cup of un-pitted olives).
One cup of ready made spread cheese cream.
1/3 a cup olive oil,
2-3  large garlic cloves
1 large spoon of crushed black peppers
The juice of 2 lemons (through a  strainer, to remove the pits).
Blend everything into a paste.
Try the taste of it.
(On bread and butter,
it should taste somewhat like the best pepper salami.
but don't say this to a vegetarian.)
If you miss the taste of fish, or of caviar,
boil some edible seaweed 'till it is malleable.

Garnish each small toast on buttered or unbuttered round toasts 
made of French bread banquette.
(Preferably, those with some integral wheat and many seeds upon).
Add a small piece if seaweed (optional) and
a very, very thin slice of lemon on top!.

More to come!
(Delicious Vegetarian-Exclusive Naturestudio Recipes !


more to come!

Myriam's BOOTJES
(small boats)

(Gratiné -Ratatouille-
stuffed courgettes and  aubergines )
(also called zucchini and egg plant)

Serving for 4 persons:
One bootje of courgette each.

Optional  for some protein:
Fry 20g  chopped (picadinho) of dry tofu
pre-soaked with little water, tablespoon soyasauce
and  a teaspoon of Massala , or according to liking.

2 medium sized courgettes (zucchini)
1 medium sized aubergine (egg plant)
2 red or green sweet peppers
1 large carrot finely chopped
1 large onion, finely chopped
6 fat garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 tomatoes finely chopped
Soft tomato paste.
olive oil-enough for frying

Herbs fresh or dry at choice
like Curry,  Paprika Basilicum,  Oregano,  Tabasco
..150g grated cheese Ementaler (queijo prato)
+ 50g grated Parmezan for the topping.

Heat oven to 220C/200C
fan/gas 7

Slice courgettes in half lengthways, leave the stem intact.
Using a small knife, cut a border inside each aubergine egg plant about 1cm thick.
Using a teaspoon, scoop out and set apart the scooped out content of courgettes. .

So that you have total 4 shells. (bootjes)
Sprinkle a little olive oil over the shells (bootjes),
season and place in a baking dish.

Pre bake shells for + 15 minutes to soften them a bit.
When the aubergine shells are a bit more tender,
remove from the oven and reduce heat to 200C/180C fan/gas 6.

Then prepare the Ratatouille::
Chop all the the aubergine flesh with the carrot, the peppers and egg plant in a large bowl
Then, fry the chopped union and garlic until golden, in a Japanese wok pan, if you have
Add all chopped vegetables.Add the tofu, 
Add the chopped vegetables; if necessary more olive oil,
and at last chopped up tomatoes.

When all vegetables are fried; add the tomato paste,
let simmer for 3 more minutes to a nice thickness for a filling.
Season and salt to taste

Seperately fry the soaked and dipped dry Tofy chunks in olive oil
for a few minutes, add a little more soya sauce and sprinkle some more Masala.
Add this last to the pan with the Ratatouille

Stuff in the shells, or BOOTJES  with the Ratatouille,
sprinkle a layer of the grated cheeses over.

Bake for 15-25 mins, until baked and golden.

Voilà, your Ratatouille Bootjes are ready!

Serve with a salad.

P S:
You can do a lot of things with the remaining Ratatouille
like bending some mayonnaise in a cup for a bread spread
or using as a sauce for noodles, spaghetti, rice.
or turn it into a soep!!!

Pamonha de milho verde

(Receita para 10 Pamonhas)


10 espigas de milho verde grandes (cerca de 3 kg).
1 xíc. (chá) de água
1,5  xíc. (chá) de açúcar


Ao descascar as espigas de milho, reserve as palhas para fazer os pacotinhos de pamonha.
Se quizer, reserve os cabelos do milho para fazer um chá. (diurético)*
Rale as espigas numa tigela   (raspe bem os sabugos uma colher  lavando-os bem com um pouco de água. Adicione o milho ralado,o açúcar e a água e misture bem.
Ferva as palhas maiores (internas) de milho até que ficarem macias.

Sobreponha umas quatro palhas fazer um retângulo com elas (como um papelzinho de embrulho).
Coloque uma colherada grande da mistura de milho no centro do papelzinho de palhas.
feixando o pacotinho amarrando-o com barbante.. Faça omaemo com o restante da mistura,
(Uma tira da longa folha da  planta do milho pode servir de barbante).
Coloque bastante água numa panela grande, deixe ferver
Colocar os pacotinhos da pamonha dentro da água vervendo e deixar cozinhar por mais ou menos uma hora.
Tire do fogo e escorra.
Manter as pamonhas de milho aquecidas sob vapor  numa peneira, antes de servir.
Preservar  no refrigerador.

Naturestudio RECIPES !
In the photo Even Naturestudio's sparrows
are looking well fed!

True angels
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

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promotes spiritual self awareness,
and the contemplation of the beauty of Nature
through Art and Philosophy .

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