How to create a pictogram  or ICON.
How to illustrate  with your own pictures the Icons of your maps in your computer:

STEP 1- Pre-select a map and an image  from your pictures you want as an icon for that map. (I usually bring  both  to the working area  first. this is how it works best in our Windows programs: (You  might need an extra  program  like   "VSO image resizer''  Download :    ) Or another which can do the job.
STEP 2 : First convert  and save your image to the  (point) bmp (.bmp ) format.
STEP 3 :  resize  it to 32x32 pixels  (standard size pictograms) Or  like  40x40 pixels  if you want it to be bigger..
STEP 4 :  Then click  right  on the mouse, and change the  extension  name  again to  (point) ico   (.ico),
Ignore  the note 'extension  might not  be useful any more'  !
STEP 5 :  Go to the map you want to change your pictogram for,  click  right  on the mouse , and go to Properties.
STEP 6 :  There you  go to adapt and change pictogram; Click Yes and a choice of  many pictograms will appear from where you can choose one.
STEP 7 :  Above that , there is an  option  for you to upload your  own new pictogram or icon  from the place it is in your computer and bring it to the program.
STEP 8 :  Click Yes to change the  old pictogram into the new one.
And  so you can illustrate  with your own creations the Icons of your maps in your computer.
van Chapman

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How to create a pictogram or ICON

True angels
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

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