What is relevant in Art for Canvascollectie?



What is relevant in Art today ?

"    A brief exchange with a self acclaimed guru of Modern Art-
      Is there a modern Art Guru, to whom we must follow in the world today?
"    Myriam Vandenberghe  - A HIDDEN TREASURE
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van Chapman  -Philosophic Community Projects -

In his Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Leonard Huxley  gave a beautiful example from ancient Chinese literature of the sign of a great artist: Ching, a famous artist who made sculptures of supernatural* beauty , was asked how he made such art.
His method was to rid the mind from obstacles: in the first day he meditated and got rid of the desire to become rich. The next day he meditated, and got rid of the desire for prestige and fame. In the third day, of the desire for power, and so on.
On the seventh day, he went to the forest for some wood, and made his sculpture.

( * supernatural beauty  simply designates  the natural state of a meditative -contemplative  love- consciousness, when all vanity of power is gone and the mind is clear. Note by van Chapman, www.naturestudio.net

What is relevant in Art today ?

If one is concerned with the style of frames on a painting, for example, if they are modern or not in style, is that relevant to the world today?

It is not because a form is modern in style that is true in the spirit. But if an art is timeless, the other way around is true.
If a work is true and beautiful in spirit and form, it is always actual.

I am not prejudicing a work because it is modern. That is in fact the meaning of my Abstract Waterforms 1   video,  to convey how abstract can be an aspect of nature, and a work based on abstract forms like this, can  be spiritual in the sense that it can  help people to see what is. See the overwhelming beauty and richness we have in nature, which the world is destroying if it does not see. Can you guarantee me that modern art is not prejudicing  fine spiritual works ( like those of Myriam Vandenberghe), simply because they are not modern in style??

Is it relevant to the world, for example, a work , even if  modern in style, when it only adds to the existing pollution and  insensibility of the world ? For example producing Cloacas, for example, excrements out of good food, as art, in a world where people are dying of hunger, or tattooing pigs in a world animals like these live in dungeons only for consumption, without the right for a life, is  this  more spiritual and relevant to the world today?

I am here to listen and try to understand, because as I see, for someone to label a work which expresses a profound state of communion with nature and life as a 'mere decoration', simply because it is not modern in style, is indeed an unjust, tragic-comic projection.

A true, just or kind spirit is still good, without a form.
But what is a form, however modern, without a true spirit?

If a work is about form, or a style, and never mind the spirit, the justice, the truth, never mind the health the life or peace in this world, even though it is modern, is it relevant contemporary art?
Without the sensibility which true love gives to us, is any work relevant to the world?

When a true spirit takes form, no matter the style, it is art.

Once I heard the question: -" Can Art save the world ?". What can  save the world is not a matter of taste but of consciousness. It is Not a mode, a style of Art, but to unite a true, kind and just spirit in action, in whatever work we do. To be humble enough to see what is, and not prejudge anyone, anything; not even out of belief.
There is nothing substantially new in a work of art, or revolution, when you substitute one vanity of  power for another, one prejudice for another.

van Chapman

-Philosophic Community Projects -




Since Marcel DuChamp, with his urinoir, we have noticed, it seems modern artists spend a lot of time in the toilet!
They never seem to be tired to look in there for things to exhibit in museums,- from the metal tube structures and toilet accessories, furniture to bodily matter, sex organs, bones, tissues, fats, fluids  dirty baby napies, to the very Cloaka of Delvoye, apparently fascinated by excreting activities, for all that, with a solid CONCEPT backing it, yes, is modern.
Similarly, most expressions of graffiti or rap-pop-contemporary artists are as the body language of those teen agers seduced by the tough guys of a street gang, proud of their insensitive, arrogant attitudes and foul language, mostly copied from the others, expressions from the excrements of language as 'fucking' with every other sentence, 'shit', 'God damn ' ('Godverdomme'), or 'fuck off', because that is 'COOL" or 'IN'.
And like these teenagers, many contemporary art exponents turn their nose up at, and look down upon those who do not follow them.

If I would think  artists  to be pioneers, seeing the often cold and gloomy expressions of many of the 'Avant Garde' artists today, like sculptures of bodies smashed inside building materials we saw on Canvas TV, the future would look somber indeed.

Myriam  Vandenberghe and I  agree that only through the consciousness of love one can see the beauty of Nature  and also the ugliness and stupidity of vanity, of greed, arrogance, which to the immature mind is so 'cool'.

van Chapman,
Philosophic Community Projects

Once on a brief exchange, Jan Hoet, the creator of SMAK museum of modern art in Gent,  without even knowing me, said to me he that 'he could never be my friend'.
I disagree with him: -Not to have the same view on Art is not a reason not be friends.

To project our prejudices on another, on what is, and want no discussion, is the main cause of disruption in any relationship. Jan Hoet  has prejudiced me simply because of some post cards of  Myriam Vandenberghe's nature paintings he saw in my hand.
(You can see MYRIAM'S WORK at our site www.naturestudio.net   in : [Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe] and   [Nature paintings-Myriam Vandenberghe] ).

We can understand each other if we want, if are not too proud to want understanding, if we are not too proud to be questioned.

On another occasion, I came with one of his friends to a dinner of shell fish mussels  he gave in honor of  Mossel-pot, from a modern art Belgium artist Broodthaers'.
( Miriam Vandenberghe probably would not have come to eat mussel shell fish,  as she is a vegetarian out of compassion for animals).
At a certain moment I stood before all his guests and  asked him:  -"What is more important to you: Love or Art? He answered that -'Art cannot compete with neither Nature nor Love".

After the dinner, according to the person who took me, Jan Hoet said in Flemish to him: -"God damn!, -("Godverdomme"!) Who did you bring with you !?..".

Before I left, I told Jan Hoet that one day I would make his portrait.
Here at least, is a philosophical view of our brief exchanges.

Once on TV during an interview, we heard  Jan Hoet declare he was a Catholic and a Jew.
Such monotheistic doctrines have evolved from an unquestioning loyalty to religious authority. does this have to do with the idea of someone as an unquestionable authority in art??

So is there a modern Art Guru, to whom we must follow in the world today?
Not for me. I see Jan Hoet is in contradiction when, in one hand he affirms the superiority of love and Nature over Art, and on the other, snobs an extraordinary expression of  love for nature and all living beings as mere 'decoration'.

I have some questions for him and his followers:  If a work only adds to the insensibility of humanity and pollution of this planet,  is about form, and never mind the health, life or peace in this world, even if it is modern, is it Art? Is it relevant to the world  today?

We cannot be friends if we are  too proud to be questioned, or to want understand each other.


27 january 2012

In Oostende MU-ZEE, when I first placed my works on the floor, I put them facing the wall, showing only the backside of the mounted works, asking the jury to tell me which side was the real art work.

One at a time, Myriam Vandenberghe and  I  were briefly interviewed by a young and friendly female jury.
I explained that I had joined Canvascollectie selection out of sympathy for the cultural- humanitarian approach of  TV sender Canvas (from where Canvascollectie was  promoted), and that even if my works were not selected, I had come to contribute to a dialogue about Art.

I have admiration for journalists who can write under stress, because I cannot. I make faults.
I apologized I  had not slept whole nights for days, and that for practical problems I could not come in time,  but fortunately, for the Organization in place, that was no problem.

I gave the jury my thoughts on Contemporary Art,  printed out in a hurry before I came, inviting them to respond, and said I would publish their reaction on the web of Canvas, and my website (naturestudio.net ).

After that we looked at my  video Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater  (which  by of some incompatibility in their laptop computer was very unstable), And they had to speak to each other alone.

When I was invited to return to hear their decision, one of the jury  spoke to me and said the dialogue on art had interested her.
She suggested me to work on these water forms individually,  because she found them worthwhile, but I think she found the constant changing forms were too overwhelming. And she sent me off the selection.

I asked them to react on my invitation for a dialogue, and smiled, and left, having fulfilled my purpose for coming.

I can understand she found the images of my video too overwhelming: in Belgium we don't have mountain cascading rivers as those in Brazil I had photographed. But for me, such overwhelming abundance of  Nature as I showed in my video, contrary to what it did to her, had the ability to quiet the mind.

My friend Myriam Vandenberghe tells me they were astonished by her paintings of nature, and even people from other sectors came to admire the beauty of them, curious about its unique fine technique, but the jury at last considered them as 'decorative' works,  however of a very  high standard, in their fine frames, not in their concept of what art has to be today.
So she was also sent away from the selection.  (That was how we thought they might react, as Jan Hoet once did, and why I was willing to confront the modern art concept in a philosophical way.)

After that, walking along the beach of Oostende, I smiled at the soft dune patterns on the sea shore in the sun, and frowned seeing the debris of plastic which poison the sea life and birds,  here and there half buried in the sand. Those recalled images one can find in contemporary art.
I contemplated the incompatibility between the" computer programs" of those of us who vibrate in harmony at the a glimpse of the pure nature, and those of us who are so estranged from nature, that the trash of civilization, the cola plastic bottles, the soup tin cans, the plastic rags polluting the sand and the sea, are what inspires them, and what they are touched by as subjects of art.


van Chapman,
Philosophic Community Projects

Year  2012

since 2010 officially a VZW, a non-Governmental, non-profit organization

Goals of  Naturestudio vzw:
To promote the spiritual self-awareness as a counterweight to the spiritual poverty of the time.
b. To sensitize people to the beauty of nature and of good heart, the soul, through art and philosophy.
c. More peaceful solutions to world conflicts
d. More equitable social and interpersonal relationships through supporting the creation and realization of philosophical, cultural and artistic works, projects and events



In this site there are painting of our artists. 
We offer a commission of 30 up to 50% to the European and American help organizations which can sell them for us through their websites.

Please contact us  for more details through our site: www.naturestudio.net

"The voice of eternal love music project"

Proposition: the creation of an channel of uninterrupted transmission of the highest artistic level which bring to all peoples
the expression of the most noble sentiments of the human consciousness and soul.

We are looking for a co producer for these projects.  Here is our contact.

van Chapman,
Philosophic Community Projects

True angels destroy not men, but the falseness in them

van Chapman  -Philosophic Community Projects -
True angels destroy not men, but the falseness in them.

since 2010 officially a VZW, a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.

We are looking for a co producer for these projects.
Here is our contact.


"The voice of eternal love music project"

proposition: the creation of an channel of uninterrupted transmission of the highest artistic level which bring to all peoples
the expression of the most noble sentiments of the human consciousness and soul.

van Chapman during the making of 'Abstract waterforms'  from Mysticwater
Photo by my sister Paula Chapman

If Art is about inner truth, then nothing could be more actual in this world (of global warming, fratricide wars), than the treasures Myriam discovers or creates in the silence of her kind soul.

If I would have the choice I would not doubt. Rather than futuristic nightmares, I rather  live in  the magical gardens she architects for the future: The green, pure, innocent, violence-free worlds  she paints and photographs.

As  the great classical music, Myriam's art and being, can be seen today as of another time; and  forgotten.
How much per cent of the population listens to the treasure of classical music in Radio stations as Klara? Alarming statistics in the past, if I remember well, said it is around one per cent of the population in the area.  I do not know if it has evolved.
The explanation for this phenomena is in the spiritual level of the masses.
As the stronger wavelengths of popular radio stations (like radio Donna) have dulled away the cultural radios, as Klara, in Belgium,  pop culture gurus would dull her work off the scene.

For most of the people, the real treasure of classic music or of Myriam's art is still buried.

Has the time come for it to be discovered ?  I can only present this mysterious person to you, personally, or through my own work, and hope you will see them as the treasures they are.

The answer depends on you.


A dialogue on art with Canvas
Reaction to "Canvascollectie"


A film project:"Garden Angel"

"Garden Angel" is a visual poem, a short experimental nature film series,.

The scenes happen by chance, as a traveler in a strange always unknown land. Possibly to be accompanied by music from ancient, modern or future classical repertoire,  that conveys the infinity of nature under the light and depth of a quiet mind.

The events demonstrate the intimate relationship between the main character, our GARDEN ANGEL, and nature.

In the scenarios of mystic river banks of tropical rain forest (in Brazil), and beside, around and inside the magic garden of Myriam Vandenberghe, our Garden angel, where the time stands still.

Whether it is a river in a tropical rainforest or a drop of water on a leaf in a flower garden, the beauty, unity, and the mystery is the same.

For the quiet and  simple mind, nature's beauty, reveals itself.
More than just telling a story, the images in these shorts reveal, the wonder that each of us has ever had as a child, and that wisdom teaches us never to lose.

So we walk in nature as a museum of infinite fascinating forms of living art.

The structure is a combination of sensitive nature pictures + videos of simple things or events in a near-cinematic presentation, to further combine with live music performances or other forms of music in 8 nature short film presentations of 15 minutes (about 2 hours in total).

The macro lens reveals a poetic microcosm  from the viewpoint of an insect  grows to the unity of a philosophical macrocosm.
Discovering and sharing the beauty of the treasures of nature and spiritual consciousness.

You can see MYRIAM'S WORK at
[Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe]
and [Nature paintings-Myriam Vandenberghe]

and see the work and philosophy of van Chapman at

click to see more of  MYRIAM'S WORK :
[Nature photos-Myriam Vandenberghe]

[Nature paintings-Myriam Vandenberghe]

Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater by van Chapman

Philosophic Community Projects
van Chapman

Prejudged art dealers

Felt a suspicious look from the gallerist as I entered his gallery for the first time.
But even so I came in, telling him I had an atelier in Gent and handled him a card with my web address, in case he would like to see our art. He told me impatiently he would not look at the website because he was interested in art.
Not in decoration. I was curious to hear what he meant as art and I told him so. I told him that was not my painting on the photo and asked him if he would look and give a critic of a work of mine I had on the bicycle outside in a roll. He said no. He was not interested.

But I was curious to hear what he meant as art and I told him so.So he asked me if I saw the works in his gallery. He asked me if I knew the name of the artists of each of his art works.

That sounded like Jan Hoet.
It  is similar to  someone from the pop repertoire judging that one knows nothing about music, if one does not know the groups who played the music in his discotheque.
That is not how I see what is art.
I said good bye and told him that in truth he was not interested in art but in names.

The reproduction on the card I gave to the first of them had a painting of leaves in the autumn by Myriam.

Myriam is someone full of compassion and empathy who cannot do harm to any living being. Her art, for those who have eyes to see, is the most deeply touching  expression of this extraordinary sensitivity and spiritual power.

To read anything as superficial as merely decorative about this deeply moving, authentic care of all creatures, inner beauty and poetic genius of hers is to be completely  blind spiritually, to be presumptuous, arrogant and utterly insensitive.

The next gallery I went in was to collect some paintings of mine that were in depot.
There was another person  I did not know, and he also looked at me suspicious as I came in asking for my paintings.

After a phone call to the art dealer I had to do with, he gave me my works and I signed note about it.

I mentioned to him how the previous art dealer, his neighbour had reacted.

Like that one, this gallerist  also asked me the names of the artists of the works in his Gallery.

(How can I know anything about art if I do not know what is the name of the artist in his gallery????)

And said artists become famous (not because they are good artists? ) but because of the galleries.
He advised me I should have a gallery of my own.  'I also have to earn my living..' he said, helping me with the paintings to the street,  and blinking to me, said: '-Good luck with your art. '

He did not want to see the painting I had in the bicycle. He said he would not promise me to look at my website.


Philosophic Community Projects
van Chapman

Just as an illustration, without prejudice for the work of the artist, which I found interesting, here is a photo of someone who has won the Grand prix in Canvascollectie 2010. http://www.facebook.com/canvascollectiecollectionrtbf

Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater by van Chapman

Abstract waterforms 1 from Mysticwater by van Chapman

True angels
destroy not men,
but the falseness in them.

a non-Governmental, non-profit organization.
promotes spiritual self awareness,
and the contemplation of the beauty of Nature
through Art and Philosophy .

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